2011 Sailfish School Report

January 16, 17 – 2011

Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala

Greetings from the world class Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala:

I am writing this report from a hotel room at the Raleigh, NC, airport. It is currently 3:00 a.m. and I can't sleep. So I urge you to please read this whole report—it is a good one.

January 16 2011:

Anglers Ken Haupt and Greg Hyland, along with photographer George Coley, all from Northern California, joined me at 7:00 a.m. this morning aboard the boat Intensity, with captain Mike Sheeder and his mates Flaco and Waldo for their second day of sailfish school. The seas were calm with sunny skies with 85 degree water and air temperature. For those of us fly fishing, the fishing was slow. However, all three clients aboard the Intensity, along with their instructor, had the opportunity to cast flies to sailfish. Each angler got to hook and fight at least one of the seven sailfish bites we earned from the 20+ fish we raised. We had some bad luck and we made a few mistakes. At the end of the day, we released only one sailfish on fly from out seven bites. Some of the boats fishing bait caught as many as 20. I think tomorrow will be a much better day.

George, Greg,Ken with Greg's nice Sailfish on Fly

January 17, 2011:

Greg, Ken and George all showed up today ready for battle with the mighty pacific sailfish on a fly rod. After a great breakfast at Casa Vieja, we boarded Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder, along with mates Waldo and Flaco. We left the dock at 7 a.m. Just as we left, a cell phone rang and we learned there was a medical problem with Waldo's father. So we pulled back into the slip where Waldo went to assist his ailing father and picked up mate, Christian. We steamed for 2 hours to a spot 45 miles from the marina and began to troll teasers in the calm seas. There was a lot of marine life visible.

It wasn't long before we got our first bite and Greg caught his first sailfish of the day. Later, George hooked and fought a nice sailfish only to break it off after a 5 minute battle. By noon my buddy Ken Haupt hooked a really nice, wild pacific sailfish on a pink Cam Sigler fly. Ken fought this sailfish for 14 minutes without making any mistakes (perfect angling) and then landed this awesome sailfish. After raising more than 20 sailfish and getting 7 bites, our crew caught and released 3 sailfish for the day.

Ken Haupt, Guatemalan Sailfish on fly.

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