TFO Office Rod

Composite Cork Handle

Highly durable composite cork handle with a slim profile. Perfect for any size angler.

Multi-Piece Construction

Convenient 3-piece construction so you can take it anywhere.

Practice Line & Leader

Unique practice line and leader respond exactly like a real fly line allowing you to practice a wide variety of casts.

The Finest Teaching Rod Ever Made.

The best fly casting tool ever introduced!  The TFO Office Rod enables you to practice and perfect all types of single and two-handed casts.  We started with a unique practice line and leader design and reverse engineered the rod, creating a set of components that work together in perfect harmony.  This three-piece practice rod breaks down to 21.5 inches so you can take it anywhere.  The office rod comes with an instructional video by Lefty Kreh.

3-Piece Rods

Model Length Pieces Price
TF BL OR 4'-10" 3 $50.00