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TFO introduces Bluewater Rods

Offshore a sailfish is lit up like a neon sign angrily searching for the teaser, bull dolphin greyhound to consume a popper working the edge of a weed line and prowling tuna chase schools of baitfish in an uncontrolled craze. For those who dare, the ocean offers a bounty of fly-fishing opportunity. Temple Fork Outfitters has your fly rod, rods that for the past year have experienced and tamed all of these challenging species. Introducing the Bluewater Light and Heavy Duty rod series.

Temple Fork Outfitters new hybrids are designed using a combination of S-Glass, intended for heavy lifting, and high-modulus carbon fiber, for exceptional casting ability. Bluewater blanks go through TFO's proprietary TiCr coating process twice, adding power and durability. The 9' 4 piece Light Duty, line weights 10-13, incorporates both snake and titanium oxide stripping guides and a cushioned up-locking reel seat. The 8'6" 3 piece Heavy Duty rod, lines 14-17, utilizes aluminum oxide inserts on all guides including the tip-top, a beefy up-locking reel seat and an extended fighting butt. Bluewater rods feature an incredibly distinctive blue granite finish and flor grade cork on the full wells handles and fore grips. A retail price of $249.95 puts the Bluewater within easy reach.

All TFO rods feature a lifetime unconditional warranty. Simply return the damaged rod with $25 for shipping and handling, and we will repair or replace your rod. For additional information or the name of you local dealer call Temple Fork Outfitters at: (800) 638-9052.