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TFO Welcomes Lefty Kreh

Whether young or old, experienced or new, flyfishing simply elevates the enjoyment of fishing. Many would claim that flyfishing increases one's awareness of our environment, helps us understand more about nature and generally makes us better people. While we might ponder the credit due flyfishing, we know that Lefty Kreh has done all these things and more. For the past 50 years as an outdoor writer and flyfishing instructor, he has touched more lives and converted more to flyfishing than anyone ever has, or likely ever will.

Those of us fortunate enough to call Lefty Kreh a friend know that flyfishing is not an elitist sport. Affordability has long been a barrier for those wanting to get started. With this in mind and effective immediately, Lefty has agreed to work with Temple Fork Outfitters. Together we will address the needs of the industry and we make the following pledge:

“Our goal is to increase participation in and awareness of flyfishing by offering the best possible combination of price and performance in rods.”

Going forward, Lefty has agreed to be involved in the design of all our rods, to assist in developing casting schools and educational programs, and to participate in general business planning. We are delighted and honored to have him join our team.

Rick Pope
Temple Fork Outfitters