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New Drift and Float Rods

There was no warning! It sounded like an oar being slapped against the water's surface. Then another leap, with the chrome and crimson figure cart wheeling high above the water landing with that now familiar slap. Suddenly, line is disappearing from your reel; a just reward for a long, precise drift.

Refined gear and techniques have made the adrenalin rush of a hot steelhead even more attainable. Modern "Drift" and "Float" rods utilize increased rod length with sensitive tips to protect light lines and to feel every feature of the stream bed so necessary for increased hook ups of these wary fish.

Temple Fork Outfitters is introducing 8 new models of "Drift" and "Float" rods. The distinctive blue granite blanks are configured for both spinning and casting applications. The 4 piece design makes these 8.5 and 9 foot rods very travel friendly - no more hassles with transporting your rods anywhere you go to on the planet.

Each rod comes with a TFO rod sock and a Lifetime Unconditional Warranty. This new series of rods won't break the bank and will allow you to own more than one of these fabulous fishing tools.

For additional information or the name of you local dealer call Temple Fork Outfitters at: (800) 638-9052