Temple Fork Outfitters – Custom Rod Shop

These custom options are geared toward the discerning angler who wants to step up to a stick that’s been tweaked to an ultra level of refinement.

Similar to the aftermarket modifications sought by car enthusiasts and racing buffs who want the maximum output from their ride, TFO is now proud to offer a number of customized options to further enhance the casting performance of a select series of rods in our stellar fly rod lineup. The casting characteristics of our production rods have earned the reputation of being second to none. Still, some of you demand even more, and, despite the proven excellence of our rods, there is always room for further refinement.

Rod Blanks

Blank Options
The Custom Rod blanks are medium fast and silky-smooth to cast. They have just the right amount of flex in the tip to provide superb presentation and control, with plenty of power in the butt for higher line speed and longer casts.

  • Choose from 9-foot, 4-piece single hand blanks in 4-, 5-, 6-, 8-, and 9-weights
  • Two-hand blanks available in 12-foot, 8-inch 6-weight, 13-foot 7-weight or 13-foot, 4-inch 8-weight


TFO Custom Components

Cork Grip
Our custom handles (F) are made using the highest-grade cork with burnt and burl cork accents to maximize both comfort and beauty. Choose from these different configurations – Full Wells, Half Wells, or Full Wells with Snout, and three different sizes – Small, Medium and Large. Sizing information available online.

All TFO Custom Rods are finished using our proprietary Tactical Series stripping guides. The highest-quality guide available, the Tactical Series guides feature super hard-chrome anodized stainless steel inserts pressed into machined, hard-anodized, chromium impregnated stainless steel frames. What does all this mean? Super hard, super slick, saltwater safe and no more lost inserts…and they are 30% lighter than standard SiC guides.

Reel Seat
The handle and reel seat are the most visible and personal part of any rod. Each reel seat component was hand-selected to provide the highest performance and most aesthetic appeal. The following options are available for your custom TFO reel seat:

  • Up Locking or Down Locking Reel Seat
  • Anodized Aluminum (A), Dark Nickel Reel Seat with a Light (B) or Dark Wood (C) insert
  • Solid Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat in Black (D) or Light Titanium (E)

Fighting Butt
You may choose to add a fighting butt to your custom TFO rod. Fighting butts are traditionally reserved for rods larger than 6-weight, but can be added to any of our custom rods upon request. Made from premium and burl cork, our custom fighting butts are 1, 1 ½ or 2 inches long and can provide a distinct advantage when fighting large fish.

Blueprinting for Perfection

In addition to cosmetic enhancements with guide wraps, reel seats, and ergonomic grip modifications, the blank undergoes a blueprinting process closely akin to engine refinements in the hands of master mechanics. After a blank is rolled, it is subjected to a unique blueprinting operation where the energy output is measured inch by inch along its entire length. High- and low-energy spots are detected and eliminated. The end product is a blank that is in perfect balance. Its mechanical efficiency has been tuned to its absolute level of performance and that translates into a casting stroke that requires less energy input from the caster. For any given distance, the rod works more and the caster works less. It is pure casting efficiency.