Clouser Series
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Clouser Series

Reel Seat

Flor grade cork and burled accent rings finish out the rod, making it attractive and durable.


Our proprietary use of titanium and chromium removes vibration and significantly reduces impact damage.


Clouser rods utilize oversized titanium oxide stripping guides and chromium-impregnated stainless-steel snake guides. Lefty's rod weight designation system and color-coded alignment dots make for easy identification and assembly.

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No more 'Chuckin and Duckin'!

Clouser Chart"For years I have been looking for a multi-species fly rod that puts 'the ease' in casting weighted flies and sinking lines. Temple Fork Outfitters answered this challenge by developing the Clouser Series of Fly Rods. Anglers that use weighted flies or split shot should find this series ideal, dry fly fishers will also benefit from the rod's ability to deliver tight loops and specialty casts required to present the fly."

"TiCr coating protects the rod from collisions with hooks and weighted flies. The attractive blue blank is easy on the eyes, as are the three burled cork rings included on the grips—which has the added benefit of preventing wear from many hours of use. Hook keepers have been added, and Lefty's color-coded alignment dot system allows for easy line size recognition. The 4-piece design makes transportation easy."

– Bob Clouser

4-Piece Rods

ModelLineLengthPiecesWeight (OZ)Price
TF 05 89 4 X 5 Wt. 8'-9" 4 4.8 $274.95
TF 06 89 4 X * 6 Wt. 8'-9" 4 5.2 $284.95
TF 07 89 4 X * 7 Wt. 8'-9" 4 5.3 $284.95
TF 08 89 4 X * 8 Wt. 8'-9" 4 5.5 $284.95
TF 09 89 4 X * 9 Wt. 8'-9" 4 5.6 $299.95
TF 10 89 4 X * 10 Wt. 8'-9" 4 5.8 $299.95

*Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat with Fighting Butt

Bob Clouser

"Light in the hand and super-sensitive...I like to say, 'I can feel them breathing on the fly as they inhale it.'"

- Bob Clouser