Guatemala Sailfish School Report

January 22-24, 2010

January 10 & 11, 2010

Greetings from the world class "Casa Vieja Lodge" in Guatemala:

On January 10 Michelle Laughridge and Val Coates decided not to fish as it was pretty choppy. They instead took the van and spent the day shopping and sight seeing in Antigua. Meanwhile Tom Temple and Elaine Temple, along with Bob and Charlotte Campbell spent a fun day fly fishing with Captain Chris Sheeder aboard Rum Line. They raised 30 sailfish, got 12 bites on flies and released 5, each angler got at least one sailfish on fly today.

Ricardo, Charlotte, Jeffrey, Chris, Elaine, Bob, and Tom, aboard Rum Line


Aboard Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder, Chuck Laughridge, Jerry Coates, and I had a slow day by Guatemalan standards. We raised 20 hard to tease sailfish, got 6 bites and released 4 on fly. The wind blew very hard today, it was one of the roughest days that I have spent on a boat in Guatemala. My group of 8 "Sailfish School" students fishing on 3 boats for 2 days and 2 boats for one day caught and released 83 sailfish. Gerry Coates also caught, tagged, and released a large potential world record (estimated close to 300 pounds) blue marlin on fly on the second day of the trip. Jerry was using a Mako 8600 fly reel, a TFO Bluewater HD fly Rod, a Rio Leviathan 550 grain fly line, with a pink and white Cam Sigler fly and Gamakatsu hooks. I would like to thank all of those companies who happen to be some of my tournament sponsors. We raised lots of fish during the last three days, however they were not teasing in for the fly bite as good as normal.

L to R Bob, Captain Mike Sheeder, Gerry Coates with blue marlin on fly release flag, Flaco, Puese, and Chuck Laughridge aboard Intensity after Gerry Caught his marlin!

Yesterday, January 11, found several of the Casa Vieja fleet of boats fishing with bait, while four boats practiced for the tournament. Everyone caught sailfish, however it was really rough. Today, January 12, is the first day of the "Jake Jordan, Invitational, Sailfish Fly, Challenge" fly fishing tournament. As I write this report and listen to the boats on the radio, the eight boats in the tournament have caught and released 10 sailfish on fly during the first three hours of the Tournament. By the way, last night the tournament kickoff party at Casa Vieja Lodge was awesome. Stay tuned for more reports, I love my job, wish you were here.


January 9, 2010

Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala:

Just a short report as I am really tired. Today it was a little choppy and fishing was pretty good. Michelle Laughridge and Val Coats fished with Chico and Jason aboard Pelagian, the two ladies fishing trolled Ballyhoo wound up catching 27 sailfish today.

Elaine Temple with first sailfish on fly

Tom Temple, Elaine Temple, Charlotte Campbell, and I fished aboard Release with Captain Chris Sheeder. We raised 27 sailfish, got 11 to tease in and bite, and we released 6 on fly. Included in these 6 sailfish on fly was Elaine Temple's first sailfish on fly and a Double on fly by Charlotte Campbell and me.

Charlotte Campbell's half of our Double

Aboard Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder Bob Campbell, Chuck Laughridge, and Jerry Coates raised close to 30 fish, and they landed 5 sailfish on fly. The highlight of the trip was Jerry Coates' 200 plus pound blue marlin caught on a Temple Fork Rod and his new Mako 9600 fly reel with 20 pound tippet. Jerry just joined an elite club of fly anglers who tagged and released a blue marlin on fly. More reports to follow shortly, I love this Job. Wish you were here.


January 8, 2010

Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala:

I arrived here last night at the world class "Casa Vieja Lodge" with Sailfish School clients and friends, Chuck and Michelle Laughridge, Jerry and Val Coates, Tom and Elaine Temple, along with Bob and Charlotte Campbell, all from Eastern North Carolina. As usual our dinner and accommodations were world class, and we began fishing this morning:

Elaine Temple, Val Coates, and Michelle Laughridge fished aboard the CVL vessel "Pelagian" with Captain Chico Alvarenga and guest Captain Jason Brice aboard. Pelagian was the high boat today with the ladies releasing 24 sailfish.

Chuck Laughridge and Jerry Coates fished aboard "Intensity" with Captain Mike Sheeder. The boys who are practicing for my tournament (which begins on January 12), raised 41 sailfish, and they got 11 bites and released 7 on the fly. Meanwhile Bob and Charlotte Campbell and Tom Temple fished with me aboard "Rum Line" with Captain Chris Sheeder. All caught and released sailfish on fly. Our numbers for the day were, we raised 31 sailfish, got 11 bites, and my group caught, tagged, and released 7 sailfish on fly.

Bob Campbell, first Guatemalan sailfish on fly

Tom Temple, first sailfish on fly

The weather is sunny, hot, and calm as of today, it was a nice change from 19 degree nights in North Carolina. I am tired, time for bed. More reports to follow, I really love my job, wish you were here.


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