Mini Mag Series
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Mini Mag Series

Reel Seat

The Mini Mag features an up-locking reel seat and a Flor grade, full wells cork grip.


A unique blend of unidirectional S-Glass and high-modulus graphite translates into exceptional lifting power and superb casting ability. The rods also go through our TiCr coating process twice, adding power and durability.


A polished blue marble finish, oversized stripping and snake guides make these 3-piece rods make for a stunning piece of equipment.

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Cover – Schmover!

Mini Mag Series ChartWhat do big fish that live in and around all types of heavy cover have in common? Once hooked they will kick your butt before burrowing into the thickest junk they can find! Don’t let them kick your rod’s butt, too. The new “Mini Magnum” was designed, with help from Nick Curcione, well, to kick butt back.

The 8’ Mini Magnum rods utilize Temple Fork’s Bluewater Technology (a hybrid combination of S-Glass and high-modulus carbon fiber for exceptional lifting power and casting ability), but is equally at home in both fresh and salt waters. So go ahead and throw your favorite popper into that tight spot. Once eaten there’s enough butt strength to yard bucketmouth & pike out of the lily pads, rip mossback yellows & seabass from the kelp beds or haul backcountry snook & tarpon away from the mangroves.

Every Mini Mag rod goes through TFO’s proprietary TiCr coating process twice, adding power and durability. The rich blue granite finish on the 3-piece Mini Mag blank is quite distinctive. The rod itself features oversized titanium oxide stripping and snake guides, a channeled and cushioned up-locking reel seat, and Flor grade full wells grip and fighting butt. Mini Mag Kits include a TFO Prism reel (7/8 or 9/11) rigged with matching WF F line, backing, and tapered leader – all packed into a handsome rod and reel carrying case.

Mini Mag Rods

Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ) Grain Weight Price
TF MINI 6/8 6-8 Wt. 8'-0" 3 5.0 200 - 300 $249.95
TF MINI 8/10 8-10 Wt. 8'-0" 3 5.4 300 - 400 $249.95

*Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat with Fighting Butt

Mini Mag Kits

Model Line Length Pieces Reel Rod / Reel Carrying Case Price
TF MINI 6/8 KIT 6-8 Wt. 8'-0" 3 Prism C LA 7/8* TF RRC 8/3 $374.95
TF MINI 8/10 KIT 8-10 Wt. 8'-0" 3 Prism C LA 9/11* TF RRC 8/3 $374.95

*Reels are spooled with WF F lines, backing and leader

Nick Curcione

"Pulling power! If the fish you are targeting have it...your rod better have it—and that's what these sticks are all about. When it's tug-o-war time, these are my go-to rods."

- Nick Curcione