TFO Tactical & Signature Rods Action

Magnum Action

Pitching These rods are very stiff. The tip loads well and cons coax fish out of heavy cover. Great for jigs, T-rigs and pulling fish from thick cover.
Crankbait Crankbait rods load evenly from butt to tip providing the softer action necessary for cranks, poppers, spooks and buzz baits.
Bass & Signature These rods load from the tip becoming progressively stiffer. Perfect for a variety of baits and methods including cranks, lipless cranks, T-rigs, frogs and much more.
Swimbait The GTS Swimbait action has a softer tip and stout butt. This rod is designed for use with large baits - Alabama Rig, Carolina Rig, Swimbaits and deep cranks.
Drop Shot The Drop Shot rods have very soft tips allowing anglers to detect subtle strikes encountered with fishing finesse baits. Great rods for square bills and small spinnerbaits.
Shakey Head These rods have a stiffer tip with flex throughout the rest of the rod. This action adds movement to soft plastics with very little tip action.