TFO Tactical & Signature Rods Action

Magnum Action


The two models of pitching rods have a very stiff tip to increase accuracy and pendulum swings.

The GTS pitching rod is extra-fast so anglers can achieve quick, forceful hook sets. Both the length and power are ideal for heavier Carolina Rigs and football head jigs.


The crankbait rod loads evenly from butt to tip providing the softer action necessary for retrieving crankbaits with wide, water-displacing bills.

The 7’0” model has great flex forgiveness for fishing crankbaits that dive less than 10-feet.

The 7’9” model is ideal for longer casts when attempting to covering long distances. It has the length and flexibility for proper hook sets on lures that dive over 10-feet.

Bass & Signature

These rods load from the tip becoming progressively stiffer. Perfect for a variety of baits and methods including crankbaits, lipless cranks, Texas-rigs, frogs and more.

The nine different models in the Bass Action family provide tools for everything from a weightless worm, to crankbait applications.

Models in the 6’9” length are ideal for those who like to skip baits under docks, overhanging branches and around other on the water obstacles, but, do not like a longer rod to interrupt their casting stroke. Both the spinning and casting models in this length serve as great tube, fluke and weightless-worm rods.

The 7’3” Medium Heavy rod may be the most versatile rod in the group, capable of handling everything from worms to jigs to lipless crankbaits. While the 7’3” Heavy rod is ideal for frogs and lighter Carolina rigs.


The GTS Swimbait action has a soft tip and a stout butt. The soft tip easily launches weighty lures great distances. The stout butt helps during the retrieval and hook set phase. Large baits cause a lot of drag, so, a stout rod is needed to control a baits movement during the retrieve.

The swimbait rod features an extended, full-cork handle to reduce fatigue and allows anglers to comfortably cradle the rod while cranking.

Drop Shot

The soft tip of the Drop Shot rod allows anglers to detect subtle strikes encountered when fishing lighter, finesse type baits.

The 6’3” models are great for jerkbaits and smaller top water lures. The larger 6’9” models are ideal for shorter casts that require more precise lure placement.

The larger 7’3” models have superb sensitivity in the tip, and the longer length allows for longer casts and long, sweeping hook sets.

Shakey Head These rods have a stiffer tip with flex throughout the rest of the rod. This action adds movement to soft plastics with very little effort