Warranty Registration & Repair Information
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Temple Fork Outfitters
8105 Sovereign Row
Dallas, Texas 75247


Fly Rods

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To use your No-Fault Warranty in the U.S., simply send the entire rod to our address in Dallas, TX.  Yes, you must send in your entire rod as we do not sell individual sections.  Once it arrives, we will re-fit a new section to your rod and inspect the remainder for any additional damage or wear.

We recommend using a carrier that provides tracking information in case of a problem. Make sure to include a note with your return shipping/contact information and a check for $30. Failure to include the proper return shipping information may result in additional fees. Your repaired rod will be shipped back to you within a few days of receipt. Blanks sections (as appropriate) will be replaced and returned with related hardware and finishings from broken sections. This warranty is limited to the blank on custom TFO rods and does not cover flagrant abuse of the product. International warranties have different requirements. Please contact us for more details.

Gary Loomis Spinning & Casting Rods

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If your rod fails for any reason, Temple Fork Outfitters will repair or replace your rod under warranty ( $35 plus return shipping for Gary Loomis Signature Series rods and $45 plus shipping for Tactical Series rods) .  Do not include payment with your rod.  We will contact you with a repair total once your replacement rod is ready to ship.  Dealers are not authorized to offer replacements under this warranty. If you have a rod fail for any reason, please return it to our address in Dallas, TX.

What should you send us?

In the event of a broken or damaged 1-piece rod blank, it is not necessary to send us your entire rod. Instead, send us the name and logoed portion of the rod, as well as correct and current contact information (physical address, email and phone number). Upon receipt, we will contact you with the return charges. Once we receive payment, we will send out your new rod (typically within 24 hours of receiving it).

For warranty service on multiple-piece rods, the entire rod must be shipped to us for repair.  We will refit new sections to the remaining portion of your rod and address any additional damage that we find.

NOTE:  If you feel that your rod failed due to a problem with materials or workmanship, please contact us before returning it for warranty repair.  In most cases of a presumed defect, there is typically a reasonable explanation. To aide in determining whether a defect truly exists, we have specialists readily available to discuss the circumstances surrounding the failure of your rod.  Please give us a call at 1(800)-638-9052.

Looking for new rod guides?

Guides on Gary Loomis conventional rods are excluded from being considered “defective” and/or having “flaws in workmanship,” but are available for purchase in the event that you damage one.  If you are in need of new guides, simply contact us for pricing.

Looking for warranty information on reels and spools?

In the case that you enconter a problem with your reel or spool, we ask that you send it in for inspection.  Upon evaluation, we'll be able to determine whether your item needs to be repaired or replaced.

If we determine that a repair is possible, the fee for parts is $10 + the return shipping expense.

If we determine that your item needs to be replaced, the replacement fee is half of the retail price of the product + the return shipping expense.

Note:  If you think you can repair your own item and can clearly communicate what part you need, we are happy to send it to you for a flat fee of $10.  Keep in mind, we are not responsible for any failed attempts at repair.  If you're unsure of what you need, you may be better off sending it in.

If you know exactly which part you need, give us a call at 1(800)-638-9052.